The David Evans Court Theatre

In the mid-1980s my Grass Roots enterprise was growing and soon outstripped the office building we occupied. We worked cheek by jowl in a 19th Century building built by the Rothchild family. In my youthful exuberance I persuaded myself to invest in buying the Pendley Manor Estate.

Matilda’s Planet

My youngest offspring Matilda and I decided on a Saturday tour of some of London’s great features. We would start with the Natural History Museum. She had grown up in a country environment. This trip was to prove to be a damascene moment.


My interest in the education of others has a very long pedigree. It stems from the life chances and successes I have had. One of those being fortunate enough to have benefited from a good education funded by the state, but in humble origins.


As a kid I delivered newspapers and worked on markets. It was what kids from docklands did but in my case in the smogs of London. A piece of legislation in 1956 was an attempt to do good and clean up our air. It was a start, but the work never finishes, and the law of unintended consequences seems always to apply.


Whilst cash transactions are still king, cash may have already lost its crown. Amongst the millennials cash is almost abhorrent. They have cards and mobiles to hand – why carry cash? This has an impact on the traditions of small donation giving and the impact reaches out across a wide venn diagram of sectors.